Holding workshops and skill share events at Source

Source is a great venue to hold small skill share events and workshops.
We have:
-         A hotplate and a pie warmer for heating food
-         Facilities for cups of tea and coffee
-         Washing up facilities
-         Room for approximately 15 people
-         A permaculture garden, orchard, compost bins, sustainable building and pizza oven
Terms and Conditions:
-         Please contact the Source board (sourcewholefoods@gmail.com) to discuss your idea for holding a workshop
-         Source will request 10% of your takings as a fee for using the space. If your workshop if free, then the venue hire is also free
-         Each event will require at least one, preferably 2 Source volunteers to be present. These volunteers will attend the workshop for free and will guide setting up and cleaning up.
-         The pizza oven is also available for use, but you will need to bring your own firewood. A Source volunteer will instruct you on its use prior to the event.
-         We ask for a small donation for tea, coffee and milk to cover this cost.
-         Source can order food such as Summer Kitchen bread or pies for you if you tell us in advance. Pies can be heated in our pie warmer.
-         Unfortunately we do not have a toilet on site yet, but there is a toilet available in the University library or bar. The Source volunteers can guide people to this toilet. (We hope to rectify this in the near future).
-         Source members should receive a discounted price for attending the workshop. 
-         Source is available on Sundays, Mondays, Saturday afternoons and most nights after 6pm.
-         Your attendees may want to bring cushions, as our seats can be a bit hard to sit on!
-         Workshop and skill share ideas include: Cooking, fermenting, preserving, seed saving, composting, permaculture, sustainable building design, integrated pest management, and any other skills you may wish to share to discuss with others.