Scratch and Sniff Variety Night - thank you!

Everybody in the garden!
Let me here you say 'Scratch 'n Smell Variety Night!'

To the people of Source,

which is you, of course,
last saturday night,
the scratch and smell show,
with pizza and wine, it was the place to go

On Hobart's iceist night,
while few had stage fright,
the rest of us (w)rapped tight,
by the fire light.

As battles were waged,
battlers working up rage,
there was beetroot bling,
and a hose type of thing.

the laughter was prolific,
the cold was horrific (well, not really)
the performers were glorious,
the bearded lady notorious,
so to sam and clare,
and everyone there.
to the volunteer crew
we say a big THANK YOU!!

As you can probably tell, the variety night was a great succes, with rap battles causing great hilarity, hula hoops and bare skin winning admiration, a wonderful bearded lady, fabulous music, and so much more!
Thank you to everyone and as you can see, some of us are already preparing our rhyming skills for next year