Current volunteer jobs and garden stuff wish list!


- Help jazz up the roadside signage on French St. to make us more visible from the road

- Help us spread the word about Source, our food co-op and lovely lunches around uni and Hobart. Print posters, spread them around; talk about us on facebook; bring a friend to lunch to hasn’t been here before; apply your creativity to spreading the word in other ways!
- Come and make music the shop! We have a guitar!
- Coffee machine research – talk to other co-ops and prepare a proposal with costs and benefits of how we could run a coffee machine at Source. Do similar research for a nut-butter machine.
- Policy development
- Organise a local talent and pizza night on the stage
- Coordinate or run skillshares or workshops in the shop and garden

- Translation of our fliers into other languages for international students on campus

- Build solar dehydrator
- Fix up our welcome sign outside and garden interps sign (put a board behind it)
- Shelves and benches in the new kitchen

- Fix our broken door

- Do a tip run!


Garden wish list

Vietnamese mint, chives, Japanese perennial parsley, mexican coriander, kiwifruit and passionfruit plants, asparagus, manure, seats for the shady frogpond area, plants for the frogpond area (including aquatic plants), straw and/or hay.   


Please contact if you can help with any of these things : )