Current volunteer opportunities at Source

As well as volunteering in the shop, garden and at events, there are many other ways to volunteer at Source! Here's our current wish list - do any of these jobs get you excited? Contact to discuss, or have a chat with one our shop managers: 


 Volunteer jobs list - updated 8th August 2014


General jobs

  • SPREADING THE WORD – Help us spread the word about Source, our food co-op and lovely lunches around uni and Hobart. Print posters or pick some up from the shop, put them up around town and uni; talk about us on facebook; bring a friend to lunch to hasn’t been here before; apply your creativity to spreading the word in other ways!

  • Come and make music the shop! We have a guitar!

  • Policy development

  • Organise a local talent night on the stage

  • Organise community pizza nights and/or soup nights

  • Coordinate or run skill-shares or workshops in the shop and garden

  • Knit bomb the bike rack (some more!)

  • Help jazz up the roadside signage on French St. to make us more visible from the road, or work on a sign to hang off the back of the solar panels

  • Paint a picture on the rainwater tank

  • Come and make cakes or biscuits

  • Donate us a spice grinder!



  • Build us an awesome solar dehydrator

  • Revamp the pots on the balcony to make the plants a bit happier : )

  • Gather seeds and seedling for next garden working bee's planting.

  • Prune the grapevine

  • Do a regular tip run

  • Improve our garden seating

  • Fix the patches on the floor

  • Lawn mow or whippersnip

  • Build us a frame over the stage where we can grow kiwifruit and/or passionfruit

  • Donate us some manure or hay – we especially need some new hay for our chooks and will even pay for it!

  • Be the 'chicken monitor'

  • Weeding grass, anytime!

  • Clean out the garden shed

  • Amazing orchard food-forest planning and implementation (come talk to us for more details!)

  • Extend the garden fence

  • Fix the seedling raising glass box

  • Clean the gutters and put a leaf trap on

  • Some garden plumbing jobs – ask for more details (involves redirecting drainage of certain things to irrigate our orchard and fill up our frogpond).

  • Patching up the holes in the mudwork on the building