Education Opportunities at Source

Education Opportunities for Secondary School Students at Source Community Wholefoods


Source tours:

Source is a practical example of sustainability, permaculture, cooperative business and community. We happily welcome secondary classes to come for guided tours of the

premises. There are also seasonal volunteer jobs the students can undertake after the tour, which vary seasonally. These activities range from helping with projects in the garden:

composting, mulching, weeding, harvesting. To assisting with shop preparation:  baking, preserving, cooking and cleaning.


How it relates to relevant curriculum:

The Melbourne Declaration on Education Goals for Young Australians (MCEETYA 2008) recognises that education for sustainability develops the knowledge, skills, values and world

views necessary for people to act in ways that contribute to more sustainable patterns of living. Sustainability education is futures-oriented, focusing on protecting environments and

creating a more ecologically and socially just world through informed action. Links can also be made to year level science outcomes for the ‘Stoked on Soil’ program.



Time: Because Source is a food Cooperative store, programs are offered during the morning from 9- 12, Mon-Fri. Programs run for about 2 hours.  Times can be negotiated if

this time slot doesn’t suit. 


Transport: We are unable to offer a bus service to the site as we don’t have one. However why not incorporate the trip with Bike Ed and ride here! We are located at:

12 French St, Sandy Bay.

Cost: Free

Please direct all enquiries to

We are more than happy to talk you through any aspect of the programs or alter it to better suite your needs.