Current Volunteer Jobs

Source Volunteer jobs

Source was created by, and continues to rely on volunteers to maintain and improve our beautiful co-op!
Here are some ideas that need a volunteer to make them happen! (If you have your own new idea, please contact us to discuss!)
To volunteer or get more information on any of the following jobs, email:


- Develop the outdoors seating at the site - make some outdoors furniture out of reclaimed wood

- Install a dripper irrigation system for the garden

- Build a sand pit for kids

- Expand herb production (grow some seedlings or cuttings to plant at Source, or for sale in the shop)

- Make a frog pond

- Help out with whipper-snippering and caretaking on the site on a regular basis

- Plant things along the outside of the fence to out-compete grass (e.g. pigface and herbs).

- Plant hardy flower and herbs on the bank (rosemary, lavender, geraniumsm natives). Also above the gravel tyres.

- Make another garden bed around the side - lower than the first one. For plants that don't need watering so much - perhaps perenialls? Rhubarb? 

- Plant succulents such as aloe vera in the gravel tyres

- Fix the compost bin lids.

- Put up some laserlight on the pergola to create a waterproof outdoor area

- Plant a kiwifruit vine - perhaps climbing up the stage? 


- Help organise a weekly lunch at Source

- Keep the shop up to date with membership forms and fliers and photocopy them when needed

- Distribute flyers and posters around town

- Write articles for newsletters, newspapers, etc.

- Explore other free / cheap marketing options

- Organise an event to celebrate good food and community

- Organise an event to engage university students

- Fundraising ideas of your choice

- Be a site tour guide

- Set up a program for paid school excursions

- Run a skill share event (e.g. preserving, seed saving, composting, whatever you are good at and want to share!)

- Create an information folder about the facilities on the site (how to build a floppy fence, etc.)

- Explore options for installing renewable energy on site


In addition to the specific tasks/projects listed above there are ongoing volunteer opportunities:

  • Shop volunteers - You will be expected to work for 8 hours every 6 weeks, which will entitle you to a 30% discount on produce. Send an email to , or call into the shop to discuss volunteering with Michelle.
  • Garden volunteers:
    • Garden working bees – 1st Saturday of every the month, 11am – mid afternoon @ Source.
    • Garden committee member – have active involvement in what goes on in the garden. 
    • Garden watering  - be added to the roster
  • Board member & Board support volunteer positions – board members are elected at the AMG every year.   To express interest in these roles, email
  • Our fortnightly email newsletter has all the latest news, events and ways to be involved, email to subscribe.