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A Cafe in a Garden

The cafe is organic, low waste, sustainable with ethically-sourced ingredients.

We serve coffee, healthy treats, daily vegan breakfasts, and lunches with gluten-free alternatives.

 We have space to accommodate people both inside and outside, and when the sun is shining and the air is warm people spill out into the garden to soak up the sunshine.

Friendly Faces

The active members are key to all aspects of Source, guided by the Shop Manager, they make Source crank! From cooking and serving all the food and drinks to cleaning and maintaining the space. It’s one of the friendliest places in Tasmania, come in and say hello! 


everchanging menu

Every weekday, volunteers cooks prepare a vegan lunch with enthusiasm and smiles. 

Come join us from 12:00 noon and order the day’s dish. Grab a coffee, a ginger beer, a cup of tea or a smoothie to while away the afternoon or to keep you going strong for the afternoon.

Free wifi, green views, good music, lovely people!

Cafe opening hours
Wednesday 8am – 3pm
Thursday 8am – 3pm
Friday 8am – 3pm

Visit Us

Welcome to Source. Check in with us on Facebook or on our mailing list to learn about our adaptations during the current interval.